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Arvin's Talk (2017001) : Marc from U.K.(1)


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Marc is from U.K. He started his Mandarin Class from 2016 in Mandarin Inn. The guy from Manchester worked in Korea and China. Right now he is working for an international education program in China. Let's see his view of Chinese life, people, language, education...

Marc 来自英国。 从2016年开始在Mandairn Inn学习中文。这位从曼切斯特来的小伙子在韩国和中国都工作过。目前,他正在为一个国际教育项目在中国工作。让我们通过访谈,看看他对于中国的生活,人,语言以及国际教育有什么独到的看法...

Arvin (interviewer)

M: Marc (interviewee)

A: thank you very much for this interview. From your teacher, we know that you study very hard, and through the center manager, we understand that you are also very enthusiastic, you have recommended a lot of your friends to our school. So we really appreciate you. Today, we are only talking about a very casual topic. Would you like to introduce yourself first?

A: 非常感谢您参加这次采访。从你的老师那里我们知道你学习相当努力,同时通过中心经理,我们了解到你也非常热情,你已经推荐了很多你的朋友到我们的学校。所以我们真的很感激你。 今天,我们只谈谈非常休闲的话题。 你想先介绍自己吗

M: Yes, I’m Marc. I’mfrom Manchester in the UK .I’m 32 years old. I’ve stayed in China for about 5years. I work in education. I haven’t studied too much Chinese until now, but Ithought long enough, I should probably improve my Chinese which is the reasonwhy I’m here.

M: 我是马克。 我来自英国的曼彻斯特,我三十二岁。 我在中国呆了大约5年。 我从事教育方面的工作。 目前为止,我还没有学习太多的中文,但我觉得是时候我应该改进我的中文,这是我在这里的原因。

A: So, in Manchester whatdid you do?

A: 所以你在曼彻斯特从事什么工作?

M:I studied business. I worked in finance. I worked in The Royal Bank ofScotland.

M:我学习商业。我在金融方面工作。 我在苏格兰皇家银行工作。

A: It is a very good job.

A: 这是一个非常好的工作。

M: It’s only a job after the university. It was reallygood anyway. But I decided to go to live in another place for a while. Then Iwent to South Korea.

M: 这只是大学毕业后的工作。 这真的很好。 但我决定去另一个地方住一段时间。 然后我去了韩国。

A: So whydo you want to move from England to Asia like South Korea and China?

A: 那么你为什么要从英国来到亚洲,比如韩国和中国?

M: Well, from being about 18 years old, I traveledquite a lot in Asia and different places. I’m attracted to the possibility of livinglife in a different way. So around 2008, when I was working for the company,the job was going to go down, so I decided to go away for a year. So I tryteaching in South Korea.

M: 从大约十八岁开始,我多次在亚洲和不同地方旅行。 我发现存在一种可能性去用不同的方式去生活,我被这个观点深深吸引了。 所以在2008年,当我还在为公司工作时,工作遇到瓶颈。所以我决定离开一年,我试着在韩国教书。

M: Yeah, teaching in English. I hadn’t taught before, becauseI studied business. But I enjoy it. It’s a good time. But I don’t really liketo go home. Far away stay out I try new culture and experience new culture. SoI thought where is there with lot of opportunity. And lots of people spoke wellabout Shanghai, so I decided to go to Shanghai.

M: 是的,用英语教学。 我以前没有教过,因为我学习商务。 但我喜欢它。 这是一个好时机。 但我真的不喜欢回家。 离开家乡我尝试新的文化和体验新的文化。所以我思考哪里会有很多工作的机会。 很多人对上海评价很好,所以我决定来上海。

A: So howlong have you been to China for teaching English?

A: 那么你在中国教英语多久了?

M: About 5 years in total. I’ve stayed in education,putting together courses. I ended up working for an organization teaching a “skillscourse.”

M: 一共大概是五年。 我坚持教育,组建课程。 我最终在一个教育机构教授技能课程。

A: Whatkind of skills?

A: 什么样的技能?

M: Like critical thinking, research, debating,communications skills, enterprise…at Fudan, Tongji high schools.

M: 像批判性思维,研究,辩论,沟通技巧,企业...在复旦,同济高中。

A: Great! So what do you think of the Chinese students?

A: 好的! 那么你对中国学生有什么看法?

M: Some of them are very smart. But a lot of them arestill lacking critical thinking skills. It’s not what they’re used to.

M: 其中一些学生非常聪明。 但大部分学生缺乏批判性思维的能力。 这不是他们习惯的技能。

A: OK. Iwatched a documentary movie before about a Chinese teacher who went to aBritish school to teach math or something like this. So they feel a hugedifference between Chinese students and English students. So what do you think,from your experience?

A: 好。 我看了一部关于一个中国老师英国学校教数学的纪录片。他们觉得中国学生和英语学生有很大的不同。 那么从你的经验里你对这个问题有什么看法?

M: I think the major difference is that, in China,students go to school with the main objective of learning as much as they canand studying hard. That’s drilled into them from their parents and society,schools, teachers. They need this to have a comfortable life in the future. So Ithink that’s an idea that goes through this whole society – the idea of workinghard. Combination of one-child policy and families living together, so that onechild is under a lot of pressure but also gets a lot of support to besuccessful. Whereas in the west, it’s not just about getting information. There’sa more relaxed atmosphere towards it. School is about many other things likemaking friends, communication, socializing, having fun, activities, gainingskills, so parents are less forceful. Society doesn’t view failure in the sameway. School is less of a clear route; it is something people go through. Somepeople are good at it, some are not. Soft skills are valued more.

M: 我认为最大的区别是,在中国,学生上学的主要目的是尽可能多地学习和努力学习。这是由于他们的父母和社会,学校,教师。 他们需要努力学习以便在未来有一个舒适的生活。 所以我认为这是一个贯穿整个社会的想法- 努力学习的想法。 结合独生子政策和生活在一起的家庭的现状,使一个孩子受到很大的压力,但也获得了很大的支持以成功。 而在西方,它不只是获取信息。社会有一个更轻松的气氛。 学校是关于许多其他事情,如交友,沟通,社交,有乐趣,活动,获得技能,所以父母不会这么强迫。 社会不以同样的方式看待失败。 学校不是一条明确的路线; 它是人们经历的事情。 有些人能很好处理这些,而有些人不行。 软技能的价值更多。

to be continued... 待续未完....

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