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Arvin's Talk (2017001) : Marc from U.K.(2)

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A: Arvin (interviewer)

M: Marc (interviewee)

A: I find Chinese schools are now raising their students soft skills more and more. Like football, soccer. You come from Manchester. There are many very good football clubs.So which one is your favorite?

A: 我发现现如今中国学校越来越注重提高学生的软技能。比如足球。你来自曼彻斯特,那里有非常好的足球俱乐部。那么你最喜欢哪一个?

M: I suppose isManchester United, but I’m not a massive football fan.

M: 我想是曼联,但我不算是一个超级足球迷。

A: OK. So which sports do you like?

A: 那么你真正热衷于哪种运动呢?

M: Well, I love bicycle. I cycled across Europe a couple years ago. I used to do some Thaiboxing. I used to love running, swimming, rugby – different things really.

M: 我喜欢骑自行车。几年前我骑自行车穿越欧洲。我曾经学过一些泰拳。我以前喜欢跑步,游泳,橄榄球 - 许多不同种类的事情。

A: Actually I think the lifestyle in China is changing. Cycling, you know 20-30 years ago China was the bicycle kingdom. But right now it’s more like a healthy thing.

A: 事实上,我认为中国的生活方式正在改变。二十到三十年前中国是自行车王国。但现在它更多的是代表着一种健康的生活方式。

M: Yes, True.

M: 是的,的确如此。

A: So how do you think the change in China in the 5 years when you are here?

A: 那么对你来说,你待在这里五年了,中国发生了什么样的变化?

M: Well, I always knew Shanghai was a big bustling city, there’s a lot of traffic congestion on the road. I know it’s important. There are more cars on the road. People can purchase cars now. It’s a choice. Leisure activities are more popular. Sobiking is better for the environment.

M: 我知道上海是一个繁华的城市,道路上有很多交通拥堵。我知道这很重要,路上也会有更多的汽车,而且人们现在可以随时购买汽车,不过,这只是一种选择。我觉得休闲活动以后将更受欢迎,因为对于环境而言,骑自行车是个更好的选择。

A: Do you think you will return to finance in the future? What’s your plan for the future?

A: 你认为你会在未来回归金融业吗? 你对于未来有什么计划?

M: Finance is boring,so I don’t think will do that. I‘m not enthusiastic about working in an office and facing a computer. I would like to do more in business in China. But the rules are complicated here. Things change. Something could go wrong with the business.It’s risky here I think. Also connections here are so important. It is difficult for a foreigner sometimes.

M: 金融业是无聊的,所以我不认为我会再次从事金融业。我不热衷于在办公室工作,面对电脑。我想在中国做更多的事情,但是这里的规则很复杂。事情总是会不断变化的。我觉得在商业领域会有风险。此外,在这里“关系”也是如此重要。有时候这对于一个外国人而言很难。

A: So here you must measure your risk.

A: 所以你先必须衡量下风险。

M: Maybe it the next year or 2, something will happen.

M: 也许在明年或后年将会有某种改变发生

A: Now let’s talk about studying Chinese and the HSK. What level is your Chinese now?

A: 接下来让我们谈谈学习汉语和HSK。你的中文现在是什么水平?

M: HSK 4 now. My‘Chinese character’ is not very good now.

M: HSK 4级水平。但我的汉字不是很好。

A: So now we are designing a course for foreigners to learn Chinese character quickly. Hope to let you try soon. Do you think Chinese is a very hard language to learn?

A: 所以现在我们正在设计一个外国人快速学习汉字的课程。 希望能尽快让你试试。那么你认为中文是一种很难学的语言吗?

M: Well, I supposeit’s got difficult aspects and easy aspects. The pronunciation is difficult atfirst. My pronunciation is so terrible so bad. The characters are massive obstacle. It’s a big challenge. And time consuming. The grammar is easier. But understanding the words can be very difficult. The meaning behind words is different to, for example, “enjoy.’

M: 好吧,我想它有困难的方面也有容易的方面。刚开始的时候发音很难,我的发音是那么糟糕。汉字真是个巨大的障碍。这是一个巨大的挑战,而且耗时。语法更容易些,但词语背后的含义很难去理解,例如“enjoy”这个词。。。

访谈的最后是一些闲谈,再次不做一一记录了。 从与Marc的交流中,我们发现的是一种追求人生理想,敢于打破已有安全熟悉的生活状态的勇气,他放弃金融学转而去尝试一个新的领域—教育,这对于我们每个人来说也都是一种鼓励和启示。

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