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What do you need to know about Calligraphy?

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What do you need to know about Calligraphy?

Writtenby Phoebe Guo

When talking about Calligraphy, what do you think you should know? Do you know its history, how it develops and how to learn Calligraphy?

With all these questions, on 19th Apr., Mr. Cheng from Mandarin Inn gave one lecture of Calligraphy which attracted all the foreign friends attended.

The treasure of Chinese Culture – Calligraphy

If you learn Mandarin, then you must hear about Calligraphy. It’s one important symbol of Chinse culture, and has long history with thousands of years.

It’s called ART as it looks quite beautiful. Almost every Chinese kid learns Calligraphy when they are young which is helpful for them to understand Chinese culture. Although in modern times, not everybody will keep learning it, people who can write good Calligraphy are respected by others. In Chinese, we have the phase “Zi Ru Qi Ren” which means one’s personality / ambition can be known by his/her handwriting.

The way to write Calligraphy

Not same as white by pen, people need to hold the brush pen straight and the middle figure is also need to put before brush pen. As you know, the head of brush pen isn’t as hard as pen, hold it straight can control the stregth better. But only knowing the way to hold the brush pen is not enough, there are many Calligraphy schools such as Liu, Yan, Zhao which have different rules in it.

If you want to know more information of Calligraphy, if you want to learn Calligraphy, if you want to appreciate Calligraphy with masters, keep focus on Mandarin Inn and being a Chinese masterday by day.

If you have questions about Chinese study, contact with Mandarin Inn to get solution.

About Writer:

Phoebe Guo:

  • Mandarin Trainer @Mandarin Inn.

  • “Reading, writing, travelling… I’d rather say SHARING.”

  • A big fan of language and culture. Mandarin teacher for 10 years

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