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[Workshop] A Hand-Made gift for Christmas: Ceramic Painting

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Ceramic painting has a long history in China. It’s really fascinating with the exquisite patterns, forceful lines and rich colors. The making process really can show your sincerity. Draw the pattern, carve the line, color it, then fire it. Each step was made with your heart.

The big Festival Christmas is coming soon. Are you thinking of the best gift for your family and friends? Is there anything better than to make one by your own hand? Making a ceramic painting sounds like a great choice.

Saturday, 2nd December 3-5pm,

There is a workshop : Ceramic painting held @ Mandarin Inn,

We have invited aceramic painting expert to show you the steps, and to coach you step by step tohelp you make one piece on your own.

If you are interested, just scan the QRcode to reserve a seat. Welcome to join us!

And if you are too busy to spare time to make one , no problem!! You also can buy one from our centre, we prepare some end products here. You can come to choose the one you want after class.

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