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How to correct your pronunciation?

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How to correct your pronunciation?

Written by Phoebe Guo

Many foreigners have this question: how to speakMandarin locally? Let’s talk about the difficulties of pronunciation today andfind some solutions.

Why do foreigners feel it’s more difficult to speak Mandarin?

I would say it’s the TONE,there are 4 tones in Mandarin, the meaning could be changed based onthe modified tone. And in English, there is no tone, so it’s quite difficultfor foreigners to understand quickly and speak it out.

How to speak tones correctly?

  1. Listening more: as the baby learning mother language, listening is go faster than speaking. So, when you are in the process of foreign language learning, remember to listen as much as possible.

Listening to local material:you are learning Mandarin, so please spend your time on Chinese speaking butnot other foreigners whose Mandarin level are higher than yours. I would recommend the Xin Wen Lian Bo (Chinese News) as you can learn the most local Mandarin.

Reading aloud more: reading aloud is always good for the learner, day after day, you can find the differences from local people and make progress gradually.

Of course, you would also need the tutorfrom professional teachers. Come to Mandarin Inn trail class, start the journalto be a master of Mandarin.

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About Writer:

Phoebe Guo:

  • Mandarin Trainer @Mandarin Inn.

  • “Reading, writing, travelling… I’d rather say SHARING.”

  • A big fan of language and culture. Mandarin teacher for 10 years.

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