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Five Differences When You Hang Out With Chinese Friends

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Five Differences When You Hang Out With Chinese Friends

Written by Kate Zhou

When it comes to co-sightseeing with Chinese friends, it is not all the same festivity activity with your compatriots. Some differences from intercultural communication would emerge spontaneously. So here are some warm reminders for you guys:

1. Preparations of the Historical and Cultural Background of the Scenic Spots

Before Chinese visit some scenic spots, of course they will make some preparations for accommodations , weather, routes and vehicles etc. But when you arrive at the spot, normally, Chinese friends may just start clicking, clicking, clicking coz they are not quite curious about the historical background and cultural story behind the scenic spots. They are more interested in taking pictures for commemorating while you guys are carefully listening to the detailed commentary of the tour conductor.

2. Paying for the Bill of Dinner

According to Chinese culture and the tradition, when females and males gather together to meet each other and have dinner in public, so called gentlemen would probably try to pay for the bill and never have the lady to carry the bill. When comparing with western culture, you guys are liable to AA when having a meal with friends at restaurant even with lady’s attendance , you might call Chinese counterpart generosity or male chauvinism. It does not matter, the point is that you need accustom yourself to it.

3. Distinct Drinks Chosen by Ladies

As everyone knows, Chinese people value regimen very much. Particularly, Chinese ladies who value this point very much may be fastidious about food and drink. Even when they go to party with open and enthusiastic western friends, it is still hard to invite them have an alcohol drink with you. They prefer warm plain boiled water, hot pure milk or tee more likely. So if you want to show your hospitality, offerings above would be excellent.

4. Shopping, shopping, shopping

Well, it is common knowledge that Chinese people are crazy about shopping, especially buying stuff from the domain of luxury articles. You can see the swarm of Chinese buyers in duty-free shops around the world. So when you are enthusiastic about buying souvenirs like postcards, local specialty, please just tolerate and accept the crazy actions by your Chinese fellows.

5. Nightlong Carnival

Compared with Chinese people, western friends are extremely energetic and glad to have nightlong celebration and party festivity. Several years ago, I personally was also invited to a night party and was so excited and curious about being there. But when we just got on the subway at 23.00, I felt it was really too much for me, it turned out to be suffering not enjoying. From the perspective of my view, I think most of Chinese are not physically capable of night party life.

Of course, there could emerge other new questions when you get along with Chinese. Only time and accumulation of Chinese knowledge might help you strengthen the capability of dealing with the intercultural problems:

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About Writer:

Kate Zhou

  • Ph.D in International Relation

  • Mandarin Teacher @ Mandarin Inn Shanghai

  • With over 800 hours bilingual teaching experienceteaching Chinese to foreigners and teaching German to Non-German.

  • Hoping her understanding about Chinese culture and other coun-tries' cul ture could inspire expats’ further thoughts.

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