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【Words with Calligraphy】- BúTóng Different


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yǒu shíhòu ,nǐ de búduì bú shì yīnwéi nǐ yǒu sheme cuòwù ,

érshì yóuyú ,nǐde bútóng 。


people say you are wrong,

but not because that you have done something wrong

just because that——

you are different


what people can't tolerateis

just difference

Something they can't imagine,

is just they haven't seen it before。

About Writer

程嘉 Chengjia,80's generation,Master of Engineering,Used to be a college teacher,now is a designer。Member of Qinhuangdao Calligraphy Association.

He studied calligraphy from 6 years old.

His work experience in different disciplines such as engineering, painting, calligraphy and design enables him to interpret the art of calligraphy in a cross category perspective。

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