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Why do Chinese show love on May 20th ?

郭飞 汉Mandarin吟Inn

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When we talk the sweet day, I guess all you guys will think about Valentine’s day firstly. If you know Chinese culture more, you may also know the July 7th of lunar calendar which day we call “Qi Xi” and be more and more used as Chinese Valentine’s day recently.

If I say there’s another sweet day coming soon, which day do you think?

Yes, it’s May 20th.

Why 520 can be a sweet day?

Let see it from the pronunciation: 5 is pronounced as Wu, in ancient times,another character pronounced Wu means Wo (I, me); 2 is pronounced as Er, similar as the pronunciation of Ai (love); also 0 has the similar pronunciation as Ni (you). Currently more and more young people celebrate 520 together.

More about 520 you may not know

As you know,same as Valentine’s day, on May 20th, gift is necessary, but do you know the origin of 520? It’s from internet, 520 is for lady and 521 is for man,so many young people choose these two days to show their love. As it uses number to express, some smart guys add 1314 after 520 to show their deep love.

Do you know why they add 1314? Do you want to know more about the meaning of numbers in Chinese? Keep focus on Mandarin Inn, to explore more and more interesting Chinese.

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