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Why do you have to read Chinese every day?

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Why do you have to read Chinese every day?

Written by Phoebe Guo

I heard that many foreign students complained that Chinese is complicated, such as Pin Yin, different tones… …I also heard that many foreign students spend a lot of time on listening but had unsatisfied result. For this, I would say, not only listening, but also reading is very important too.

The reason to read Chinese every day

You can hear yourself when you are reading,it’s different from others’ voice, you will be more focus on your voice and find the problems such as pronunciation, unknown words etc., which is helpful for you improving mandarin level.

The way to read Chinese

  1. Be patient to listen to the material reading by local people, try to write down or remember where is the accent, how do local people read…

  2. Try to read by yourself, remember you have to read aloud. On one hand, reading aloud can help you set up self-confidence; on the other hand, reading aloud can help you hear your voice clearly and find the mistakes easily.

  3. Record and compare to the reading from local people, you can find the differences easily, then try to imitate local people to read.

Day by day, you make progress gradually. And you will find that your pronunciation has big improvement too.

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About Writer:

Phoebe Guo:

  • Mandarin Trainer @Mandarin Inn.

  • “Reading, writing, travelling… I’d rather say SHARING.”

  • A big fan of language and culture. Mandarin teacher for 10 years

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