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    Oversea Project Manager​ ( Full time; Shanghai )

    International Education Group

    Tuesday, April 20, 2017

    Position code: MSH420

    Job Responsibilities:

    • 1. Be mainly responsible for assist the company in domestic and international market development and global study abroad service system platform construction, etc.
    • 2. To assist the overseas project implementation and maintenance, such as equity share and M&A etc, as well as the domestic and overseas branch publicity and brand promotion activities;
    • 3. To participate in international cooperation projects, including optimizing international famous middle school,universities, colleges, research institutes and other first-class education resources;
    • 4. To participate in the negotiation, to introduce, develop and implement international education projects, and assist company to finish the whole operation and management work of the project;
    • 5. To participate in the development of international cooperation projects, and coordinate with overseas colleges and universities, etc.;
    • 6. To assist group related department to do pioneering work of other projects or related;                                          
    • 7. To complete other tasks assigned by the head of the company, including short-term travel, etc.

    Job Details:
    1. Language Proficiency:English native speaker, Chinese is preferred.
    2. Working Time: In general, 8 hours a day.
    3. Working Place:Shanghai
    4. Contract Length: 1 year

    Requirements for the job
    1. Degree: Bachelor degree or above
    2. Major: Education, Business or Economics
    3. Age: Around 30
    4. Work experience: at least 2 years

    Terms of Employment
    1. Salary before or after tax: At least ¥18000 per month before tax(Negotiable salary )
    2. Airfare Allowance: ¥8000 per year
    3. Travel Allowance:No
    4. Bonus: Around ¥10000 year-end bonus, according to the job performance.
    5. Insurance: Yes
    6. Apartment: No
    7. Meals Offered: No
    8. Overtime Work Allowance: According to the company system
    9. Holidays: Official holidays
    10. Paid Holidays: Yes
    11. Visa: The company will help you to apply for visa
    12. Whether accept a Skype / phone interview: Yes
    13. For the applicant worked in China but without employment visa.
    He/She should go back to his/her country to apply for employment visa. The company will help to deal with it.


    Summer camp counselors ( Part time; Shanghai )

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    Position code: MSH314

    • Coaching around 7-11 years old Chinese kids in a nature-subject summer camp.
    • Spending entire day with a group of 20 campers, and are responsible for planning activities, leading activities, camper evaluations, supervising campers at all times.
    •  Working Time: 2017.7.15--2017.8.6 (3 weeks)
    •  Accommodation and meals included (Living in Chongming Island)
    • Salary: RMB 6000-8000/Week
    • The company will offer pre-training for the position before the camp. 


    1. 21-30 years old American native Speakers.
    2. Having previous experience working with children, and must be effective leaders and role models.
    3. Have training experience in American scout camp. Outward bound experience preferred.
    4. Be able to get along well with kids from 7-11.
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