• App Live Oral Tutoring

    • An online Mandarin Study System
    • Use spare time reasonably 
    • Practice Mandarin anytime, at any place

  • What‘s the problem the app can solve?

    1. I can’t find a teacher to practice conversation with.
    2. I can’t find an after-class tutor.
    3. I will go to bank right now, is there anyone who can help me to practice how to talk with Chinese staff there?
    4. I have lots of fragmented spare time. How can I use it to more efficiently practice speaking and listening?
    5. .....

  • What is Live Oral Tutoring?

    Using MI exclusive account, without an appointment, you can get professional teachers at any time and anywhere.

    Anytime & reservation free

    • Make full use of fragmented free time
    • Free reservations for online classes
    • Avoid restrictions of  scheduled class packages​

    50+ professional teachers online

    • Professional, native-speaking teachers
    • Complete Chinese language environment
    • Experience Chinese styles of thinking​



    • Wide range of conversation topics
    • Professional and practical learning methods​​

    Cost by minute, more flexible

    • Tutoring has no minimum length​
    • Charge fee as phone calling

    Free listening

    • Unique listen-repeat-compare function
    • Everyday updated Chinese news 
    • Slow speed listening content​

    Textbook tutoring

    • Main Mandarin Inn textbooks
    • Structured after-class tutoring

    HSKK Tutoring

    • Specially selected mock test questions
    • One-on-one online HSKK tutoring
  • How do MI help you to get your goal ?

    Let the results prove everything

    Get a clear target & to achieve it

    • Detailed Course syllabus
    • Specific & measurable goals
    • One text book = 1 HSK level
    • Register-test-report in MI, the HSK official test centre

    Make an effecitve & efficient plan

    • Tailored learning plan
    • Periodic learning report
    • Regular teacher assessment

    Participate actively in the class

    • Practical teaching content
    • Experiential Teaching 
    • Encouraging students to express  in Mandarin
    • Smart TV in all classroom

    Review and practice after class

    • Anytime & reservation free
      oral practice in app
    • All text books on app 
    • 50+ professional tutors on line
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