• Why choose Mandarin Inn?

    Because we only focus on providing professional Mandarin lessons

    Our 9 year history

        We know what our students need deeply

        • More than 10 thousand foreign students served
        • We provide professional training for consulates and top 500 companies in Shanghai
        • More than 50 professional teachers  

        Authorized HSK test center

        Register – Study – Examination–Certification, all these steps can be completed here


        • Authorized HSK exam center
        • Each textbook matches each level of the HSK ,
        • From registration to certification, we’ve got you covered

        Multicultural events & workshops

        Experiencing various of culture, make friends from all over the world in China.

        • Traditional culture workshops: Tai Chi, calligraphy, Yijing...
        • Chinese corner, language mixer, study tour...
        • Free study room offered in our historical building 
        • Multi-language, professional teachers

        Convenient & beautiful language centre

        1 minute from subway station downtown​

        • 100-year Historical building in city center
        • 1 minute from a downtown metro station
        • Class at home or work is available
        • Classes available in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and other locations

        Various Job positions in China for our students.

        Better Mandarin, Better life in China.

        Provide service at Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing etc. cities.

      • Our teachers

        Each MI teacher is selected from 10 candidates

      • How do MI help you to get your goal ?

        Let the results prove everything

        Get a clear target & to achieve it

        • Detailed Course syllabus
        • Specific & measurable goals
        • One text book = 1 HSK level
        • Register-test-report in MI, the HSK official test centre

        Make an effecitve & efficient plan

        • Tailored learning plan
        • Periodic learning report
        • Regular teacher assessment

        Participate actively in the class

        • Practical teaching content
        • Experiential Teaching 
        • Encouraging students to express  in Mandarin
        • Smart TV in all classroom

        Review and practice after class

        • Anytime & reservation free
          oral practice in app
        • All text books on app 
        • 50+ professional tutors on line
      • MI- Mandarin Level Description

        All Mandarin Inn course curriculum based on HSK levels setting.

      • Our students said...

        “We were taught by 4 different teachers, which allowed us to become to get used to different tones and be exposed to a variety of teaching techniques, which kept our sessions fresh and interesting. All of our teachers had great senses of humor and ideas about how to remember the words and grammar. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anybody looking for a friendly and personal place to study whether on a long or short-­‐term basis. I hope I can return there in the future!”

        Kim ( U.K )​ 2013

        "Learning to speak Putonghua at Mandarin Inn has been a really enjoyable experience. The environment of the school is friendly and relaxed, and the teachers are dedicated, professional and encouraging. The school is flexible to student's individual needs and learning style: for example I could combine both group and individual classes. On top of that, the school offers experiences in Chinese culture, such as Spring Festival traditions, how to play MahJong, and even Dragon Boat racing.The French Concession location is convenient and interesting. I highly recommend Mandarin Inn for an interesting and fulfilling learning experience."

        Denise (U.K) 2014

      • Contact Us

        • 1/F NO.1280 Huaihai(M) Rd, Shanghai, China. 200031 (1 minute walk from exit 1 of Changshu Rd. Metro Station.)淮海中路1280号一层(近华亭路)
        • 9:00 - 21:00 on weekdays
        • 9:00 - 17:00 on weekends
        • +86 21 5403 8115 
          +86 1896 4022 495
        • info@mandarininn.cn

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